Tuesday, September 15, 2009

nyampah ;p

haeeem nothing good to say for this day actually just wanna make a new post (saking bosennya haha)
sooo I woke up at 9 am this morning, then I had breakfast (yeah still not fasting :D)
after that I watched TV until 1 pm. then I wanted to online but my BELOVED brother unplugged the wire sooooo I couldn't use the internet haaaaa great! and yeah I'm upset
so I watched TV (again) until 3 pm and took a bath hehe then I went to EF and I felt better :DD

and noooooooooow hem I am getting bored
yeah facebook doesn't make me happy anymore :( (hehe)

p.s. 2 days later I'll go to jogja nih semoga lancar2 aja ya Amin and I hope I'll buy many things ;D

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